We develop artificial vision's intelligent systems applied to industrial processes' quality control and automation. We have know-how and experience combined in the modernization of several industrial sectors, medical imaging and intelligent cities.

About us

For Neadvance, the future began in 2001, the year in which we started our activity. We are at the forefront of developing machine learning solutions and artificial vision's intelligent systems.

We conceive, develop and market artificial vision's intelligent systems applied to applied to the most varied industries, the medical image and smart cities. Our intelligent systems are capable of inspecting and calibrating raw materials, components, products and processes. These are automatic quality inspection and robot guidance systems that integrate the most advanced hardware with computer vision software and artificial intelligence with deep learning developed by us. Systems capable of making machines learn. Rectify, clarify and improve procedures.

Systems that do quality control, supporting customers meeting their high-quality standards. Our artificial vision's intelligent systems separate what is damaged, focusing on quality, productivity, safety, efficiency, waste elimination, and intelligent use of time, resources and energy.

Our applications, based on computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies, involve 2D and 3D dimensional and position analysis, identification, measurement and colors and textures recognition, characters and patterns reading, detection, defects' classification and robots' guiding in several industrial processes. 





Our activity is certified in the scope of quality management, through the Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015.

See our ISO 9001 Certificate here.

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Defined by the CMMI Institute, CMMI For Development LEVEL 2 (CMMI DEV) is a tool used at Neadvance for process improvement and continuous development to improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality in developed products.